How To Write The Perfect 3 Sentence Elevator Speech

“So what do you do?” is a question we all get when meeting someone for the first time. If you flip burgers at a fast food joint, then go ahead and tell her you’re a rocket scientist. But if you’re a business professional, you better have an effective 10 to 15 second answer to this question.

The wrong answer here like “I’m a dentist” might lead to their next question being “have you tried the artichoke dip?” The right answer could lead to your next big client. The right answer might be “I’m a cosmetic dentist with VanGlow, we specialize in high-end cosmetic procedures. I do my best to create perfect new smiles for vain teenagers with indulgent parents, but most of my clients are high-profile people from all over the world. And I’ll tell you there’s never a dull moment.” Now you’re interesting and you’re making them think. They want to hear more. You’re selling them without them even suspecting it.

How to write it: You could follow one of those extremely complex methods and bore them with a 2 minute answer. Or you can use this short, effective formula that I made up. This seems to keep the conversation flowing.

Sentence #1: Your position, the business name and what your product or service is.

Sentence #2: The type of clients you serve (no more than 3) and no more than 3 primary benefits they get out of the deal.

Sentence #3: Something that makes them curious and want to hear more.

There. Now that you have that perfect elevator speech figured out, make sure everyone in your organization is using it!