The Most Effective Email Marketing Strategy

Email marketing works. We know that. But how often should you send them? Clients ask this question all the time. Until recently, our answer usually had something to do with how much time you want to devote to writing one (or hire us to do it) and either quarterly, monthly and in a few rare instances, weekly. But a 2013 study of over 2 billion emails indicates daily emails get the highest open rates, by a landslide. Check out these “open” and “click” rates of emails sent monthly, weekly and daily (compared to the overall average)…

MONTHLY: opens -26.6% / clicks -37.0%.

WEEKLY : opens +27.1%, clicks +50.6%,

DAILY: opens +27.8%, clicks +100.3%.

Assuming you are using the right subject lines, engaging design, relevant content and calls to action, sending daily emails means more business.