Avenue 25’s Favorite Life Hacks, Part 1

Avenue 25’s Favorite Life Hacks, Part 1
Kelly Pile - Executive Vice President and Director of Operations Written by: Kelly PileExecutive Vice President and Director of Operations

We love sharing some of our tried and true tips and tricks to make our crazy, challenging and fast-paced lives just a little bit easier. Here are a couple from our smart and savvy Avenue 25 ladies. Stay tuned for more!

Art Director, Lindi Koprivnikar:

Flight Hacks — Ways to get the cheapest prices!

  • Browse incognito on Chrome so airlines can't track what you're searching for and jack up their prices (using cookies - rumor has it they really do this)
  • Book between 30-60 days in advance
  • Book 2 one-way tickets on different airlines is sometimes cheaper than buying a round-trip
  • Fly out on a Tuesday or Wednesday
  • Fly back on a Friday instead of a Saturday
  • Take the red-eye flight

AND if you tip your flight attendants, they will likely give you free stuff and be way nicer to you. Lindi got bumped up to a better seat for this and got free beverages.

Client Relations Director, Rachel Gularte:

Home Remedies to keep everyone healthy when you have ZERO time to be sick (or itchy!)

No cold can survive the…Cold Buster Spicy Lemonade: Blend the following ingredients: The juice of 2 fresh squeezed lemons, 4 cloves of garlic, 2 tablespoons of cayenne pepper, 2 tablespoons of honey and 4 cups of water. You can also throw some fresh ginger and/or turmeric for extra punch (it also prevents spreading your cold because the odor keeps everyone away!).

Itchy skin? Rachel's daughter gets bug bites that flare up and itch like crazy. No over the counter ointment provides relief as effectively as and Oatmeal Bath! The proteins and sugars found in oatmeal block inflammatory compounds and histamines, thus helping to soothe skin that’s become itchy. Tie up one cup of uncooked oatmeal in a sock and put into the bath. The oats leave a “gelatinous” residue in bathwater and on your skin, also combating dryness.