Your Marketing Budget Headache

marketing budget
Rachel Gularte - Director of Business DevelopmentWritten by: Rachel GularteDirector of Business Development

Imagine this: You need help reaching potential customers with your message, so you call a marketing company. You want to know if they are a good fit for you, so you ask what they can do for you and how much it will cost. Seems reasonable, right? Then why do you wind up with a headache trying to get a straight answer from someone?

“oh, you need help with your marketing? Sure we can help you with that! How much do you have to spend?” [Awkward Pause]

You were probably hoping for a list of services, complete with prices. Let me tell you, as the person on the other end of that phone call, I sincerely wish it were that simple. Keep in mind that each marketing project is a creative process. That means no two projects are alike. Every client is unique and so is the strategy, which is based on the client’s goals and budget. And that is a good thing for you! However, if you’re like most clients, you don’t have a budget in mind when you first call us. That’s why we need to sit down with you and get a good idea of the scope of your marketing needs. Only then can we begin to put together a proposal for you. The bottom line on our end is, the greater your expected results, the more it is going to cost. You should also consider that the more time we are allowed to put into a project, the better it’s going to be.

So here is my advice to those of you who want to skip the headache and find out quickly if the marketing company you’re talking to will be a good fit for your needs:

Spend time thinking about what you’re trying to achieve, how much you’re willing to spend, and what you’re expecting in return for your investment. Be prepared to discuss what type of marketing you have in place right now and the response you’re getting.

We know you don’t have all the answers and that’s okay. We understand marketing, you understand your business. By bringing your information and our experience, skills and expertise together, we can  decide which marketing services are appropriate for you, how much these services will cost and the kind of results you can expect. So the answers to your marketing budget questions may not be as simple as you’d like, but with a little bit of effort between us, they will be accurate and customized to your needs.