Avenue 25’s Favorite Life Hacks, Part 5

Life HacksLife Hacks
Kelly Pile - Executive Vice President and Director of Operations Written by: Kelly PileExecutive Vice President and Director of Operations

We know you love the life hacks!   These our tried and true, tips and tricks to make all of our crazy worlds a little more simple to navigate. Our Senior Art Director, Rob Tinsman, shares with us his recent success with a recipe for one tough cleaning job! Check out his results in these before and after photos, and his first-hand report below.

I tried one of those Pinterest recipes for cleaning. This one was for clothes or something and I was desperate to clean my light colored car floor mats. New blacktop sealing at the office parking lot didn't help. This recipe consists of hydrogen peroxide and Dawn dishwashing detergent. 2 parts peroxide to 1 part Dawn. That's a lot of soap so I actually did probably 3 to 1 ratio. Then sprayed it all over and added some more water (diluting it more). Then suds it up. I didn't have a scrub brush but did have a cut piece of a swimming pool "noodle" (I've been told I'm creative) that worked great for agitating the fabric fibers. Then I let it sit for 10 minutes or so before rinsing. Did I say that was a lot of soap? It took quite a bit of spraying. A ton actually before it stopped sudsing. Then I let them hang to dry. Not quite brand new, but a huge improvement.