Avenue 25 Lingo: Web Edition Part 2

Web Lingo 2
Jeff Sokol - Web DirectorWritten by: Jeff SokolWeb Director

We know you enjoyed Avenue 25 Lingo: Web Edition Part 1, and figured it was time for part 2. Without further ado:

HTML [eych-tee-em-el]
HyperText Markup Language - it's half of the front end coding. The half that provides basic structure to the site.

CSS [see-es-es]
Cascading Style Sheet - it's the other half of the front end coding. The half that adds colors and holds the structure together like glue.

Front End [fruhnt-end]
The front end coding is the framing of the house. It's the part that puts the navigation at the top, the content in the middle, and the footer at the bottom.

Back End [bak-end]
The back end coding is what supplies the front end coding. It helps run the content manager and do any fun functionalities, like if you're on the homepage show extra puppies.

Functionality [fuhngk-shuh-nal-i-tee]
Any part of your site that's more than just a page. It could be a store or photogallery, a blog or forum, a login or sign-up form. Anything that requires more interaction than reading.

Responsive [ri-spon-siv]
This is a way to build your site that shifts and adjusts for the users window size. It makes your site look good on phones, tablets, etc.

Content [kohn-tent]
Who you are, what you do, product pictures, team information; this is all content. It's the stuff about you that makes your site yours. Without it, you just have a template.

Just in case you still haven't had enough, there will be a part 3!