3 Ways Movies Help Me Design

Anthony Tripi - Graphic DesignerWritten by: Anthony TripiGraphic Designer

Movies are popular because, in addition to books and music, they are one of the best forms of escapism. As an avid moviegoer, I’ve developed an appreciation for movies on multiple levels which has propelled my creativity as designer here at Avenue 25.

Movies inspire me through their use of:


Movies take us on a journey and evoke emotion. Good or bad, they leave us with some sort of feeling. A movie that illustrates the importance of tone is “Inception.” The idea of entering people’s dreams to get their secrets could have developed in many ways. Christopher Nolan, the filmmaker, really sold the concept with his captivating tone through mesmerizing techniques. Viewer interest was kept intact along the way by raising new questions and challenging the characters throughout. One of the most successful things about the movie is that the tone of the movie, particularly the ending, stays with you long after the credits roll. As top graphic designers, we are challenged daily with constructing layouts (print or web) that speak to the audience. The ultimate takeaway I aim to achieve every time I create a new design is to develop a tone that is impactful. This is an essential component in helping clients stand out among competitors and ultimately achieve more business.

Visual Style

The artistic style of movies transports us visually into different time periods and other worlds. The genre, story, and filmmakers’ vision are all-important factors that dictate that. Colors, wardrobes, and filming locations (real or digitally created) all help enhance the final product. In the movie “The Matrix,” the filmmaking duo of the Wachowskis, realized their vision in a new and interesting way. To sell the concept of a future where machines are taking over and people are unaware they’re living in a simulated reality required a special visual style which was quite unique at the time it was created. The special effects were phenomenal, with the slow motion bullet scenes being some obvious standouts! Clients that come to us with big marketing ideas are very similar to these revolutionary filmmakers. Their vision is important and we carefully bring it to life in new and interesting ways. It’s a challenge we rise to every day. Through our discovery process, we carefully determine the mood and message our clients’ needs and use our design expertise to create a visual style to match. Ultimately, the visual style can make or break the development of a new or existing brand so it is important to ensure that it is planned, developed and executed well by an experienced and creative team of graphic designers.


When watching innovative movies, viewers are often left with a sense of wonder. “Toy Story” is a great example. It was the first for Disney Pixar Studios and it completely changed how animation was done going forward. Everyone at one point or another has played with toys, so the concept was relatable and rather unique. The ingenious part was having the toys come to life with personalities to appeal to all ages. Movies that bring something new to the table always leave me thinking outside the box. It’s a constant challenge shining a new light on well-covered topics. No matter a client’s field, there are always competitors in the marketplace with an idea already out there. Triggering the innovative thought process is key. It takes time, but when imagination is free to soar, excellent graphic design will follow.

For many years now, my interest and passion for movies has motivated me to be a better designer. The thought process and goals are almost identical for both movie-making and graphic design. Regardless of the medium, the most effective designs (and films!) should leave the viewer with significant lasting thoughts and deeply-felt emotions.