Avenue 25 Lingo: Web Edition Part 3

Web Lingo 3
Jeff Sokol - Web DirectorWritten by: Jeff SokolWeb Director

Wait! Have you already read Avenue 25 Lingo: Web Edition Part 1 and Avenue 25 Lingo: Web Edition Part 2? Okay good, keep reading.

CMS [see-em-es]
Content Managment System - this web software allows you to manage the content on your site. With it you can add and edit images, text, links, pages, and more.

MODx [mod-ex]
This is the brand of CMS we typically like to use. I think it's great.

CTA [see-tee-ey]
Call to Action - this is the "thingy" we want the user to click or interact with to complete the conversion.

SEO [es-ee-oh]
Search Engine Optimization - this is the juice that brings you the business. It's how your site gets listed in Google. These listings aren't purchased directly from Google, instead it takes work to get them.

Adwords [ad-wurds]
These listings are purchased from Google. We manage the account and make sure everything is purchased properly and as inexpensively as possible.

Clickthrough [klik-throo]
When a user interacts with a portion of your site. Generally this is expressed as a clickthrough-rate (CTR), the higher the better.

Bounce [bouns]
When a user sees the first page of the site and leaves immediately. You want your bounce rate to be really low, but it is inevitable to have some.

Conversion [kuhn-vur-zhuhn]
Anytime someone does what you want them to do on your site. It could be filling out a form, making a purchase, petting a dog, viewing 5 pages in a row or whatever else you want them to do.

Cache [kash]
Since websites have many pages and they typically use the same layout, your computer saves a copy of images and styles. This is the cache. When we make updates to your site, your cache doesn't get the memo right away, so we will probably have you clear it out, a lot.

Captcha [kap-chuh]
The battle against robots have begun. They like to fill out your form and send you junk. We don't like junk, so we put a secret code on your site. If you're human, you type the code and send your message thus identifying yourself as a non-robot.

WYSIWYG [wiz-ee-wig]
What You See Is What You Get - Have you seen that little toolbar in Microsoft Word or your email that has the buttons to make your text bold, italicized, right aligned, add links, etc. That's a WYSIWYG editor.

Well, I think that's all we have for web lingo... but stay tuned. There may be more!