No, we haven’t worked with any professional cat herders before.

Lindi Koprivnikar - Art DirectorWritten by: Lindi KoprivnikarArt Director

Probably one of the most common questions we get from new and potential clients is: “Can you show me work you’ve done for other businesses exactly like mine?” Often times the answer is yes, but with so many unique businesses out there, it’s just as likely for the answer to be no - even if you’ve been around for as long as we have. Sure, we’ve worked with a variety of law firms, real estate agents, and software developers, etc., but when a responsible preparedness package company first approached us, we had never encountered a client like that before.

So, how can we possibly achieve the right look and feel for a business in an industry we know very little about? And how can we ever know as much as you, the passionate business owner? We totally get why you’re asking. You want to be confident in the team you’re hiring to intelligently brand your company. Your business is your baby - you put a lot of love and money into her and you want to make sure she grows up smart and successful, not flipping burgers the rest of her life. Our simple answer is - we are marketing and branding professionals. Our experienced team is able to mold their talents to uniquely fit each client. And every client is different. Even if we had worked with a Professional Cat Herder before, your cat herding goals and strategies would be different; you work with Calicos, not Persians. So regardless of who you are and how much experience we have in your industry, new research is always necessary, site visits and meetings take place, creative briefs and creative strategies are written - and all of this tells us exactly what we need to do to take your particular business to the next level. Our skilled creative team knows how to take the meat of a project and whittle it down into small morsels - like a logo, tagline, or website. We don’t need prior experience in your industry or months getting to understand every minute detail of your business. Even though design is art, and art is subjective and malleable, it still has a proven process that can be applied to almost every project, following our creative briefs and strategies.

You know what the coolest part is? Each time we take on a new client in an industry we know very little about, we learn something new. I think some dude named Francis Bacon said “knowledge is power” or something like that - and we completely agree. We’ll use the knowledge we’ll learn from your cat herding business and couple it with years of knowledge from thousands of other clients to help make your business a powerhouse in the feline industry.  

Don’t feel shy. If you make tiny top hats for hedgehogs, we’ll gladly talk to you about your advertising and marketing needs. Contact us today to get started!