3 Reasons your website will change…and change…and change

3 Reasons your website will change…and change…and change
Jeff Sokol - Web DirectorWritten by: Jeff SokolWeb Director

Look at that, we just launched your brand new website! Doesn't it feel great to be... done? Done? My dear…it’s only just begun. That is, if you’re doing it right. So buckle up, your website is in for a long, exciting journey.

I know, you just spent a bunch of money to get that awesome website built and now I'm telling you it's not done. In reality, it should never be “done.” Why?

Reason 1 - That business model was sooo last week.

Your business is constantly changing, whether that's a change in your audience, a new product release, or a complete direction change. Every now and again you stumble on that next big thing. I own a burger shop. No, not really, but humor me. Jeff's Burger Emporium is all about that bacon, it's our shtick. Our whole website is geared around bacon; bacon cursor, bacon hover state, bacon submit button. I'm hungry. Then, the other day, my buddy said he had an egg on his burger. You know what's better than an egg on your burger? Nothing. So our website had to change. We still sell burgers but our focus is no longer on those bacon burgers, now it's on egg burgers. WAIT, what if we have bacon, egg burgers. I'll be right back...

Reason 2 - Incoming Hologram.

Your website has to deal with updating technology. I mean like entire programming languages becoming invalid; sayonara Adobe Flash. Let's take a quick jump in the old time machine to the year 2005. Come on, it was only 10 years ago. A top seller, the Nokia 1110 was great at doing absolutely everything you wanted, as long as you only wanted to make a phone call. Now jump ahead 2 years, 2 measly years! Tada, the iPhone is gifted to the world. Now that awesome website of yours, that was once relegated to desktop computers only, has to work on that hunk of plastic and computer parts in your pocket. My point is, technology is changing faster than some of us can keep up with. Can you imagine what your website will need to be seen on in the next 2 years, and how much your site will need to change? You're my only hope Obi-Wan.

Reason 3 - This is totally not a fad mom.

Your website has a human behind it... YOU, and in front of it, US. That means fashion and trends come into the picture. Remember how you dressed in the 80's? Remember when bleached tips were cool? Yeah, me neither. I'm looking at you Justin Timberlake. Whether you come to the conclusion that cool new scrolling thingy on your site is actually just annoying or decide "the color blue just speaks to your inner mantra," you will probably change your mind a few times after your site is done.

When we redid our website last year it was for every one of the reasons above. We needed to be mobile friendly, our business approach had changed and Rusty wanted to stop marketing his cat washing services. I'm kidding, he would never give up that passion! Once we finished our website it was perfect, for a little while. Just last week we launched our new and improved work section, because sometimes changing your mind is a good thing.

It is going to happen to you, whether you like it or not. You are going to need to update your website. Accept it now, it won't hurt as much later. It may be hard at the time, like buying a new AC in the middle of that sweltering Phoenix summer, but it will be worth it. A better website will lead to higher conversions, which leads to more money. And who doesn't want more money? If you just raised your hand, you may send any unwanted cash to 9201 N 25th Avenue #120, Phoenix, AZ 85021, ATTN: Jeff Sokol.

Now let's talk about how your online marketing is changing, too! Okay, fine. We'll talk about that later.