10 Interesting Digital Marketing Stats

Alicia Kea - Written by: Alicia Kea

A large part of my job is being aware of changes & trends in the industry. As I read various blogs, attend webinars, conferences, and stalk, I mean follow, various industry leaders online; I’m always thinking about how this information might affect our clients’ business and marketing strategies. If I didn’t do all this learning, you should be concerned. What if I were using practices from way back in say… 2012? Those old practices now cause Google penalties. That would be bad, right? (Hint: The answer is yes! Very bad, George, very bad!) Also, you don’t want this because you have a plethora of other things to worry about, like your business and day to day operations, right?!

Here’s a summary of recent marketing trends I found interesting. I’ve even included a bullet point of what you might want to consider from each of these.

1) Internet advertising will make up 25% of the entire ad market in 2015. Social Fresh, 2014.

  • The above tells me that traditional marketing  vehicles still lead advertising; however, experience tells me that coordinating print, broadcast and online advertising goals can create consistency in branding and help create conversions to your site / products. In other words, don’t do one without considering the other. Hopefully you have a full service agency like Avenue 25 to help with your overall marketing strategy.

2) YouTube has become the 2nd Largest Search Engine — bigger than Bing, Yahoo, Ask & AOL combined. Social Media Today

  • Are you reading that people? Second Largest Search Engine! Does your Digital Marketing Campaign include video and / or video advertisements? It should!

3) Google continues to dominate the global search engine market (71%). Digital Marketing, 2014

  • Basically, ranking on Google continues to be very important to the success of your online business.

4) Organic Search Listings receive 90% of clicks. [Though this data varies, the average comes back to 90%.] ProtoFuse, 2014

  • See above

5) The top 3 organic [search engine] results (#1, #2, #3) capture 61% of clicks. ProtoFuse, 2014

  • See above

6) Less than 10% of people advance to page 2 of search results. ProtoFuse, 2014

  • Um, I think you get the point.

7) Over the past two years, total digital media usage has grown 49% with mobile apps having grown 90% and contributing to 77% of the total increase in time spent. Comscore, The 2015 U.S. Mobile APP report

  • Are you advertising in apps? Facebook is still the largest utilized app out there, so are you advertising on Facebook? Food for thought.

8) Although desktop [use] is not declining in total engagement, it is losing share to mobile — which now accounts for 62% of digital media time spent. Comscore, The 2015 U.S. Mobile APP report

9) Videos on landing pages increase conversions by 86%. Social Fresh, 2014.

  • Another very strong reason having video is good for your business! Are you starting to see how one good video can benefit you in multiple ways?

10) Every month there are more than 10.3 billion Google searches, with 78% of U.S. internet users researching products and services online. B2B Marketing, 2014.

  • See stat points #6-#11. This is what you’re online for, isn’t it?

What this all really boils down to: Search is still best marketing for conversions. Perform Insider, 2015.

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