10 Reasons a Boutique Marketing Agency Could Be Right for You

10 Reasons a Boutique Marketing Agency Could Be Right for You
Rob Tinsman - Vice President and Creative DirectorWritten by: Rob TinsmanVice President and Creative Director

A boutique agency is just a smaller creative group.

Whether it’s a marketing firm, ad agency, digital-strategic-communications, whatever — choosing the right size team can mean the difference between success or failure, but it will also affect how  much of your time and money will be needed. Here are some important distinctions between boutique size firms and larger agencies.  

  1. The folks you trusted at the time you signed the agreement are the very same folks that will service your account.

  2. Results are tangible. There is generally a specialization in creating results-focused work that is centered around converting — however you define that — sales, calls, clicks, etc. For  example, websites can’t simply be attractive, they must perform.

  3. Having a smaller footprint and more efficient processes with lower overhead leads to more competitive rates.

  4. Aside from not having the same big agency rates, boutique agencies are more likely to be as concerned with YOUR bottom line, as they are their own.

  5. A small team can react quickly and get things done. Top creatives from big firms often break off to do their own boutique thing.

  6. Multiple projects can be branded consistently since the same people are driving your message across multiple mediums.  

  7. What may be considered an unacceptably small marketing budget to a large firm may be seen as excellent to a smaller boutique firm.  

  8. You work with the people doing the actual work, not just a project manager who must pass everything back and forth.

  9. This may sound trite, but there is a personal touch because you’re working with the owner and a very carefully chosen team. They value you having a good experience over  just about everything else. If there is a hiccup along the way, you will very likely be well taken care of.

  10. You can meet with them. All of them. There’s no substituting a conversation and trusting your gut. Work samples are great and you can get a sense of technical proficiency but you’re going be  working with a team for a few months at a minimum. You should actually LIKE who you’re entrusting to help market your business.