Request. Review. Repeat.

Online Reviews
Rachel Gularte - Director of Business DevelopmentWritten by: Rachel GularteDirector of Business Development

We have all had those awkward email exchanges when we are subtly dropping hints for a client to write us a spectacular follow-up review, and they never do. But wait - why do we need to be shy and doubtful? We provided them a great service and our next step should be confidently requesting an online review.

With that in mind…

Be as candid and open as possible  with your customers when asking for a review. After all, it’s part of doing business these days. Email something as simple as:

“More and more people rely on review sites to determine who they should do business with, which is why we would be so appreciative if you would take a few moments to share your experience on your favorite review site.”

If they don’t initially respond to this email, it’s more than appropriate to follow up with them. Most commonly, they aren’t ignoring you because they don’t want to leave a review, they just didn’t have time for it when they originally opened the email. Hopefully, your follow up email will jog their memory and remind them of your original request.

Make writing a review as easy as possible for customers by giving them direct links in a “Thank you for your business” email.
Google, Yelp and the Better Business Bureau are a few of the places we ask our clients to review us.

Google is one of the most widely used internet review sites, however, you must have a Google or Gmail account to post a review. Let your customers know that if they don’t have an account, they may find one of the other review sites easier to use.

Find out if your happy customers are regular Yelp reviewers, and ask if they will review you on that site. Keep in mind that if this is their first Yelp review, their efforts will likely be posted under “other reviews” until they become an established Yelp reviewer. This means that the review will be much less visible and less credible. If your client isn’t a Yelper, it is better to direct them to another review site.

The Better Business Bureau is one of our most valued review sites. There are no requirements to post a review on BBB, so this one is the easiest to use for those who have never written a review before. They now have a program that allows you to text a link to your customer that enables them to quickly write a review for your company. This could be a valuable resource because, while all business people are flooded with email upon email, a text could be the simple break in the monotony that inspires them to fulfill the task of leaving an online review.

Find the review source that works the best for you and your customers… and run with it. Because online reviews are becoming more and more popular, it’s of great value to you and your company to begin familiarizing yourself with the different platforms and incorporating them into your business cycle.

One final note, I am a strong believer in “what goes around, comes around,” karma, or whatever you wish to call it.   As you ask for your customers to take time out of their busy schedules to review your services, make sure that you take time out to review great service that you’ve received as well.

Rachel Gularte is Director of New Business Development at Avenue 25 Advertising & Design and she loves to chat! Feel free to call her to discuss your company’s branding, marketing, web design and development services needs and how Avenue 25 might be a great fit for you.