Looking forward to the Super Bowl (commercials)

Carly Sapp - Marketing InternWritten by: Carly SappMarketing Intern

For me, February 5th can’t come fast enough. Not because I’m a Patriot or a Falcon fan. Not because of the snacks (while they are a plus), and not because I simply love to watch football. I am looking forward to the Super Bowl because of the commercials.

I’m always diligent about getting my snack plate ready and getting comfy on the couch so I don’t miss a single commercial. I take commercial watching very seriously. Why is that? What makes a good commercial? What makes an effective ad? What makes things memorable?

That might be a little too much knowledge to ascertain in one sitting (especially when there is football on) so how about we just reminisce about the best super bowl commercials? Because that seems like a lot more fun.

I think we can all agree that the most uncomfortable of historic Super Bowl commercials by far was Go Daddy’s Perfect Match spot. While it created that gross churning feeling in your stomach as you watched it, it was definitely memorable. This is important to acknowledge because not all hype is good hype and an ad may not be effective just because people are talking. Then again, getting people talking may be the entire point. Want to venture a guess how many people said “Go Daddy” in their conversations after seeing this spot?

Another commercial that will always hold a fond place in my heart is Mountain Dew Kickstart’s Puppy Monkey Baby commercial. We’ve all heard the idea of putting babies and puppies in advertisement to get people to pay attention. So the thing is, I think it works here. Who doesn’t love a cute puppy and a good laugh?

Of course we can’t leave out Old Spice. With consistently funny commercials, they have my vote for best Super Bowl commercials. Creating iconic advertisements is an investment of time and other resources, but it pays off.

The best way to make your advertisements more memorable is to create something worth talking about. Be original. Most importantly, put your heart into it. People want to see how your company is different, what makes you unique, and how you can help them.   I encourage you to expand your marketing efforts this year, become a forerunner in your field, and to enjoy all of the commercials that the 2017 Super Bowl has to offer.