Work Productivity in the Summer

Work Productivity in the Summer
Kelli Sandberg - Web DeveloperWritten by: Kelli SandbergWeb Developer

Summer is a great time for vacations and spending time with your family. But with all of these distractions, it can be easy to let your work slip, especially if it’s your slow season. A study by Captive Network found that workplace productivity dropped 20% in the summer months. So here are some tips and tricks to stay proactive during this fun-filled warm season.

organize your workspace

All those files and paperwork that have been piling up for who knows how long can finally be organized. It’s easy to ignore that one room or closet that has cases and cases of paperwork that you kept around just in case you would need them later. Recently at Avenue25, our team member Carly ventured into our unforgiving room of paperwork. She got up to her elbows in folders and boxes and created an amazing archives filing system. Now it's quick and easy to find information from past projects.

Re-evaluate Your marketing

When setting up and managing a business, sometimes the marketing aspect can be overlooked because the main focus is building a successful company. Marketing (social media, SEM, promotions, advertising, etc.) is critical to grow your company. If your summer months are slow, it can be a great time to go over your goals or get some advice from marketing professionals. Maybe you’ve been putting off creating a website or redesigning your logo. Use this time to get those things done. Avenue 25 can assist with your marketing needs and get you on track to face those busier sales months. Better yet, get more leads and make these slower times more productive.  

Plan your Play, Work at Work

Getting distracted at work can be easy if your brain is fried and you haven’t taken time off in a while. Be sure to take that vacation or weekend getaway when you notice your productivity levels are running low. Let loose on vacation and only check that work email if it’s absolutely necessary. Otherwise, enjoy yourself so when you get back from your time off, you can focus and work hard.

work Ahead

Is there anything you can do now that will make your job easier later on when it's busy? Instead of putting those tasks off until it’s necessary, do them early. Once September rolls around and work is back in full swing, you’re going to be glad you did those tasks earlier so that you can focus on bigger projects you need to do.  

Expand Your Knowledge

Today’s world is moving so fast that it can be overwhelming trying to keep up. Summer can be a great time to do some research. Maybe there’s an application out there that is better than the current systems you’ve been using. There are new things to learn with every profession so why not sign up for that trial version and watch some tutorials on Youtube. You might just learn something that can make your job easier or creates a better way of doing something.

Summer can be difficult to trudge through at work, but if you stick to a plan and set a goal to be proactive in the workplace, it can be a much more productive summer.