Introducing Jenn - SEO, PPC & Online Marketing Coordinator

Jenn - SEO, PPC & digital marketing coordinator
Jenn Raj - Online Marketing CoordinatorWritten by: Jenn RajOnline Marketing Coordinator

I'm Jenn — I’m your online marketing coordinator at Avenue 25, which I know to be the absolute best advertising, marketing, branding and web design company in Phoenix as well as throughout Arizona. You see, marketing is my passion! I’m fascinated by SEO (search engine optimization) and what we can do to increase clients’ ranking in search engines, organically. Taking a website from development to the top of Google results is simply thrilling.

I’m an ASU graduate (Go Devils!) and earned an interdisciplinary studies degree with emphasis in the business, communications and writing studies. I also love people. These things gave me the foundation to become an SEO professional and client representative. There is nothing I enjoy more than to discover and analyze website issues and uncover opportunities for improvements that result in true, meaningful results to the client's bottom line. Having actual numbers to back it up is essential. Analyzing and presenting these results to our clients every month is really the icing on the cake for me.

In the short time since I’ve been here, I am discovering a passion in the PPC, Google Adwords and digital marketing space as well. Part of the reason I’m so intrigued is because I now have this opportunity to learn from the best. These tools are impressive and can be so effective that several clients ask us to turn them off from time to time. Apparently “too much business” is a real thing. Combining these tools with a strong SEO strategy can help a business grow exponentially faster than most clients imagine. The real key here seems to be the client’s willingness to invest in this growth opportunity and then trust the professionals to manage it properly. It seems that a small amount of investment here reaps small rewards, but large investments seem to generate exponential gains, mostly because multi-prong strategies can be implemented. Many of these clients have used us to help them brand, market and grow their company or products and are in a position to sell within a few years. I understand our professional SEO and digital marketing strategies usually play a role in these situations.

So, if you're looking for real results with your online, digital marketing, SEM or SEO campaign to accompany your web design, I am here to make that happen. Give us a call. I look forward to working with you and creating a strategic SEO plan to increase awareness of your brand, website traffic and conversions in the digital marketing arena.