Avenue 25 Makes Top 10 International Ranking of Graphic Design Firms

Rachel Gularte - Director of Business DevelopmentWritten by: Rachel GularteDirector of Business Development

"Branding, when properly developed and implemented, builds an emotional connection with your customer. So leave your feelings at home, because you are not your customer."   Rusty Pile - Avenue 25

Selecting the right firm to handle your design and rebranding work is crucial. However, it can be difficult to uncover the most important factors which distinguish one branding, marketing and design agency over another. That's where respected  B2B ratings and reviews platform CLUTCH.CO comes in. And that is also why we are particularly excited to announce Avenue 25's standing in the TOP 10 of their 2017 international rankings of best graphic design companies.

What makes being ranked on CLUTCH.CO so difficult is their thorough research and vetting process of every business and its clients. Their research involved in-depth interviews with our past and current highest-level clients to get a deeper look into satisfaction and results. Results are very important to them. They discovered our working style, client engagement, creativity, client's return on investment, impact on the client's business, comparisons to other agencies our clients may have worked with, etc.

Below is just one snippet of a client interview:

Please describe what your company does.  

"Lucernex is a high-growth B2B [business-to-business] enterprise software provider of real estate, project management, and facility management software."

What is your role or position at the company?

"I am the chief marketing officer. I am responsible for all marketing and communications."

What business challenge were you trying to address with Avenue 25?

"I was brought in to build the marketing function from scratch, so we needed a partner for the creation of a new brand look and feel as well as creative work and website development."

What were your company's specific goals for the project?

"Our goal was to present our company to the market with a new brand look and feel that felt like a technology company. We also wanted to create all new sales collateral and a new website."

How did you come to work with Avenue 25?

"I researched and interviewed five to ten leading marketing agencies across the country."

What is the status of this engagement?

"We kicked off the project for new branding back in April 2015. We continue to use Avenue 25's services for creative work and are about to kick off a website phase 2 project."

Could you share any statistics or metrics from this engagement?

"The results were excellent. All projects were completed on time and on budget with high quality."

How did Avenue 25 perform overall, especially in terms of project management?

"They performed very well. They communicate and collaborate very professionally."

What distinguishes Avenue 25 from other providers?

"Their people are unique. Avenue 25 is a boutique agency with very smart and skilled people who have complimentary skill sets. Their people are their strength and are what make the difference."

The Avenue 25 team maintains that good design must appear simple and effortless, yet must also resonate with the customer while accomplishing numerous marketing objectives. This is exactly what makes proper design execution exceedingly difficult. Your design needs to engage your potential customers with the right message in a creative way that evokes emotion and stimulates a desired action. This is what we do while ensuring consistency in messaging and effectiveness in all branding, advertising, printed materials, web design, traditional marketing, search engine, PPC and other digital marketing and media venues.

We can't wait to see what we can do for you! If you'd like to read more reviews like the one above, please check out our Clutch profile!