How to Use Animations on your Website

Kelli Sandberg - Web DeveloperWritten by: Kelli SandbergWeb Developer

Using Animations on your Website

There are so many exciting features to consider when building a website that it can be overwhelming. Your instinct might be to utilize as many animations in your site as possible, but this could hinder your user’s experience if it is not thought out and done properly. The good news is that with a little bit of information, you can learn how to properly use animations on your site, and can greatly enhance your user’s experience.


In web design lingo, the term slider is used for a slideshow of images. Sliders on your homepage can be a great way to display unique content in an interesting way.  To avoid making your slider too distracting, use soft fading transitions as opposed to random jolting ones. If you’re going to have text on the slides, stick with a headline and a supporting sentence or two. A call to action (or CTA) can be included by adding a button that stands out. Make your navigation arrows very visible and make sure the slider is mobile-friendly so users can swipe through no matter which device they are using to view your website.


Using a preloader can be a great way entertain the user during the wait time and it can enliven your interface. Preloaders are great for portfolios and other minimalist sites. Loading animations work best when they are simple and make website loading seamless. The animation should not last very long and it should follow your branding and website style.

Parallax Effect

Parallax scrolling is a technique used on websites in which elements on the page move at different speeds as a user scrolls through the site, giving it a 3D effect.  Usually this effect is used on background images as a way to enhance the visual images and messages, while making user more captivated. Using parallax works well for portfolio sites or one-time visits such as landing pages. Problems can arise if you use parallax on a site trying to sell something as it can cause confusion and distraction, particularly if the user is trying to get certain information quickly.  

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