Avenue 25 Ranks in Top 10 Best SEO Firms in U.S.

best seo firm in u.s.
Rusty Pile - President and Director of MarketingWritten by: Rusty PilePresident and Director of Marketing

Avenue 25 was recently notified that we're now ranked in the top 10 Search Engine Optimization firms in the United States by SEMfirms.com in 2019. Last year, we made the coveted top 30 list and are rising in the ranks!

SEMfirms.com is a popular website that lists the top internet marketing and advertising firms in over 70 countries around the world. After identifying potential top performers, their ratings are based on their analysis of the company’s performance using some points, which include:

• Online research
• Reviews
• Client research
• Years of experience
• Status of previous projects
• Pricing
• Traffic
• SEO ranking, etc.

This is quite a pleasant surprise for us. As a small, boutique marketing agency, we have to limit ourselves on the number of SEO clients we can service which numbers in the double digits. But we certainly provide outstanding results for those few clients we do accept and we do our best to keep our costs at or below the norm. I believe what really sets us apart is the fact that we are so in-tune with a client's website and work on it as though it were our own. Keyword research is continuous and never considered done. Competitor sites are pain-stakingly tracked and analyzed every month and adjustments are made accordingly. New strategies are constantly developed and tested and fine-tuned per each individually targeted search phrase on each page of a client's site. The results are in the rankings, the great sense of accomplishment here at the agency, and of course in the clients who stay with us for years. In comparison, other firms may take on thousands or even tens of thousands of clients. They process customer websites through standardized SEO systems developed for efficiencies of quantity over quality. That's something we'll never do.