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Dog Foodie

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Dog food for health-conscious, pet parents who want the best food for their furry family, but don't have the time to make it themselves. At Dog Foodie, the focus is on holistic nutrition for your dog. Locally sourced, premium, whole-food ingredients for each recipe - their food is 100% natural and free of any by-products, rendered meats, meals or preservatives.

Branding means everything in today's dog food and fast-growing, pet products industry. And, since pet product branding is something this Phoenix ad agency has a lot of experience in, we were excited to take on the project. Using the client’s existing logo, Avenue 25 set out to create a consistent, strong brand that was sophisticated, fun, and appealing to dog lovers. The bright use of colors and cute pattern create a memorable tie between the logo and its relevant branding pieces. We developed business cards, flyers, a car wrap, and a website.

The look and feel of the developed elements exudes a personality for the brand that can and will be carried throughout all marketing efforts in the future. People buy products they are familiar with, know and love. Repetition of the common look and feel of this pet food brand in all marketing and advertising will create that necessary familiarity and sense that they “know” the product. The fun, whimsical personality helps to instill that feeling of love for the brand.

Dog Foodie aims to gain a strong foothold in the healthy, pet food industry, and we’re excited to be a part of it and to see what they can do!