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Dry Plus Roofing

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As a homeowner, you seldom call up a contractor and have them come to you, evaluate the problem, then give you tips on how to fix it yourself. That's exactly the kind of honesty that enables Dry Plus Roofing to earn and keep loyal customers. Dry Plus Roofing is small and they like it that way. Owner Kevin Keith drives to every customer's home and does the inspections himself. If there is a simple fix that the homeowner can do, maybe with a couple tubes of caulk, that's what he will recommend. And it works – put yourself in the shoes of that homeowner in a year or two when there is a real need for a roofing repair – who would you call? Exactly. 

Dry Plus Roofing has a terrific reputation, but was having an image problem online. oldsiteTheir website was outdated and performing poorly. They were spending (and wasting) a lot of money on search marketing because their site wasn't designed well. Getting traffic there wasn't the problem, converting those leads was. The design didn't lend the credibility it needed to. Visitors simply left because the company seemed out of touch and not the quality they were looking for. 

DPR before and after logoEven their logo was in bad shape. We refreshed their identity and instantly improved the quality of their image.

The next challenge was imagery. Stock photos almost never work well so we always encourage clients to get real photos. Dry Plus repairs residential roofs, so we needed to show that. The budget allowed for just a few shots at a single location. rachel rob kevinAnd no models. Look closely and you'll recognize the money saving models we used – our own Rob and Rachel posing as homeowners. You see a typical looking couple in an average residential neighborhood – exactly the bread and butter Dry Plus Roofing is looking for.

With careful listening and creative approaches at every turn, we helped give Kevin & Regina a successful website redesign. We have had a lot of local, residential service clients. Clients such as air conditioning, heating and cooling clients who repair, sell and install HVAC systems in Anthem, Scottsdale, Phoenix, Glendale and Peoria. Electricians who service Scottsdale, Phoenix, Glendale and Anthem residents. Plumbers in Anthem, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Glendale and Peoria and more.