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Eco3d badly needed a website update. They work with some of the world's largest companies, but due to their dated website they were looking pretty small-time.

Eco3d uses sophisticated laser scanning electronics to measure environments for many industries. One challenge was simply stating what they did without it being confusing. They basically measure physical spaces anywhere. Viewers first come to websites not entirely sure they are in the right place. Stating what you do in very simple terms right on the home page is critical, and lets the viewer know they're in the right place. Done right, it can also make a great first impression. 

Next was updating the design with fresh visuals. A redesign shouldn't be so drastic that it makes your company seem like it was involved in a hostile takeover. Rather, it should be a comfortable update. You want returning viewers to be pleased not shocked by your refresh. Ultimately, the look and feel should be a visual representation of how your company really operates. Chances are you're very good at the operational parts of your business but just haven't put that same face on your website. That's what we do. There should never be a big gap between what your site looks like and who you really are.  

Let others do some of the heavy lifting. Testimonials can work well when used the right way. Eco3d offers very sophisticated and admittedly expensive services. But they also have tons of affordable services too. Enter the testimonial. We used a photo of a real client and his real account that the Eco3d services were "shockingly" affordable.

Responsive design is a must-do these days, at least if you want to be found on Google's search results. And we do it better than most. Regardless of the screen size, resolution, or device one is viewing the site on, the experience is aways great.