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Eklectic Pie

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If you have an eclectic taste for pizza toppings then Eklectic Pie is your place.

Eklectic Pie offers an array of topping options from nine sauces – including chipotle, marinara, alfredo, barbecue, buffalo and japaleno cilantro lime cream – to eight kinds of cheese, 10 meat options and 16 veggies.

In addition to the build-your-own, unlimited toppings option, Eklectic also offers a line of predesigned pizzas on its "Wall of Fame." The menu also goes beyond pizza with sandwiches, salads, kids' meals and even Arizona beer and wine.

“You won’t find a heat lamp, microwave or freezer at Eklectic Pie,” said Eklectic Pie owner Charlie Harmon. “Only the freshest ingredients and the highest quality food is on our menu.”

The Market

With competitors like Mod Pizza, Fired Pie and others, the build-your-own pizza space is popular and getting more crowded. With premium ingredients at an affordable price point, Eklectic Pie has a unique appeal. The team at Avenue 25 listened to what Charlie asked for in a new identity, website, photography and more.

Rob Tinsman, Senior Art Director, made the decision to focus the imagery on the food & its ingredients. "With amazing photography you can just look at the pizza, sandwiches, salads, and desserts and see the quality difference," Rob remarked. "The photography can do a lot of the heavy lifting. Close-up, nearly macro shots are what we aimed for. The food is just amazing. I know – I directed the photo shoot and as good as these photos look, the food looked even better!"

Be warned, if you visit their website you should plan on eating pizza tonight because you can't get your appetite to look away from the incredible food images.