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JJ Birden

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JJ Birden is a former NFL wide receiver who played with Marcus Allen and Joe Montana. jj birden and joe montana kansas city chiefs avenue 25 web designThe 9-year, professional sports star / league veteran is a professional speaker, author and network marketing leader. He came to Avenue 25 needing a new identity and website that matched his personality. JJ and his wife, Raina worked together with Rob and Jeff to create compelling content that told his story. The identity development included branding, a logo and tagline that embodies his motivational outlook: "Dream. Reach. Seize. Achieve."

Responsive websites are great for several reasons and like most sites we develop, JJ Birden's was too. The first reason is it's a single site that simply adjusts to the device your viewing it on. That means whether you're viewing the site on a phone, tablet, desktop or laptop, the information (text, photos, etc.) gets dynamically sized and positioned in a way that is best for that size screen. Check it out: www.jjbirden.com

Mobile website rant: You've likely gone to a website on your phone and it's quite different than what you were expecting, right? It's not the same content as if you were viewing it on your computer – why? Because it's not the same site at all. It's a separate site that was made so phones and tablets could view them more easily, but some content, especially media is difficult to make work across different phones, operating systems, etc. so it just gets left out. Another reason: Google doesn't like two versions of websites. Another: you have to update content twice if you want it on both. And the list goes on. Do yourself a favor and do it right the first time – go responsive.

JJ Birden's old website badly needed updating so we quickly created a new splash page to bridge the gap until his new site was developed. Pro tip: a temporary page might be posted for a few months. Don't resort to a boring stock image of a hard hat with the typical "under construction" message. Create something with a bit of personality. It's temporary and it doesn't have to be a masterpiece, so why go generic? Design it with some personality and use it to get in front of your clients on social media or in a newsletter announcing that exciting new things are in the works.

jj and raina birdenGreat experience with Avenue 25! They worked closely with us to understand our needs for our new website. Their creativity and excitement for our project was so refreshing. Our website was done when they said it would be. The whole team worked hard to produce something unique that truly captured who we are and what we wanted to achieve. We will definitely work with them on future projects. - JJ and Raina Birden