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Lippman + Reed

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A debt collection law firm focusing on insurance subrogation, commercial and retail debt collections.

This logo uses a very strong, bold, serif typeface. It visually anchors the mark with those incredibly strong serifs (the horizontal feet at the bottoms of the letters) – analogous to a stable, reliable business. Branding and graphic design and marketing elements also work within this look and feel.

The small squares represent the details involved in the many facets that make up the collection process. In this case each square seems to be dropping down one by one, each evolving from red (indicating a negative monetary value) and ultimately ending in “the black” R.

Graphically, the red color is bold and has very high visibility. In heraldry, red is used to indicate courage. This color is also commonly associated with energy, vigor, willpower, leadership and courage.

Look carefully – the squares between the large L and R reveal a “plus” sign in the negative space. Collections are all about the pluses or aggregate totals being collected over time. Central to everything we do is a focus on getting results.