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Taproot Therapy

Branding | Logo Design

The thistle. It is fitting symbolism for our mental health and experiences in life. It is beautiful while being spiny, tough and able to thrive in less than ideal circumstances. It has a taproot that can grow as deep as 15 feet even in the toughest conditions.

Name: The taproot is the central root from which other root systems grow. It is the key element that supports trees and other plants in the line of development. If the taproot is compromised the plant will cease to grow and develop properly.

Taproot Therapy is a Tempe-based mental health provider. Their previous logo, an anatomically correct heart with roots, had great meaning, but wasn’t professionally designed and thus didn’t reproduce very well. We led their team through our branding process, discovering their unique brand attributes and created a new concept. Its appeal is neither too masculine nor feminine. And according to the client, "Just right."