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Top Pack Gear

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Top Pack Gear represents the best of emergency preparedness kits that the internet has to offer.
EEDC man walkingThey are a single-source supplier of high end quality products that help insure personal safety when disaster or emergency strikes.

They offer a large variety of emergency survival kits for your automobile, motorcycle, boat, and personal evacuation needs, including state of the art first aid and medical responder kits.

Their name didn't start as Top Pack Gear. We were tasked with creating a new logo and website for the company's original name, Responsible Preparedness Packages. A mouthful. And difficult to remember. And imagine typing an email to someone at the company: Joanna.Murphy@ ResponsiblePreparednessPackages.com! Difficult to fit onto a buisness card too. We convincingly made the case for a new name and logo.