Avenue 25’s Favorite Life Hacks, Part 3

Lifehacks Part 3
Kelly Pile - Executive Vice President and Director of Operations Written by: Kelly PileExecutive Vice President and Director of Operations

Fitness tips from Kelly Pile, Director of Operations and Resident Group Fitness Instructor/Enthusiast:

Raise your rear view

So maybe not quite as fun as talking about the sight of your glutes, I am talking about the mirror in your car.   We all know we need to contract our abdominal muscles to keep them strong but it is hard to remember during all parts of your day.   Raise your rear view mirror about half an inch and you’ll find yourself sitting up tall and pulling your belly in to your spine just to keep a clear view of the traffic behind you.

Affirmations and gratitude

I know this might sound cheesy to some, but putting effort into your thoughts pre-, during, and post-workout is very beneficial to many. It can be short and sweet and I guarantee it will help with not only motivating yourself to continue your healthy lifestyle but also provide an all-over sense of well-being. I have been teaching for over 20 years and end every class with one quiet moment to “thank your body” for the effort, and appreciate that all your parts work the way they do today. My final comment in all my classes is always “fresh new day” reminding us to be present, and let go of everything that happened before (including the workout itself).

Making the most of downtime

For most of us with a busy calendar, there is nothing more frustrating than an unplanned wait in line at the grocery store. Instead of focusing on irritating things like the check-out clerk who is moving in slow motion, get in some calf raises, glute lifts or even a little balance/core-work on one leg. All incorporating small movements, these can be pulled off with relatively little attention called to yourself.


By far, accountability is the biggest factor in determining the success of your fitness plan. There are many choices to keep yourself accountable and it doesn’t matter which one you choose, as long as it works for you.

  • Schedule workouts in your calendar. Attend just as you would any other event such as a client meeting or picking up the kids.
  • Find a workout partner and make a date. Committing to a person with similar goals/plans makes you extra accountable as you don’t want to let your partner down.
  • If attending a class or joining a group, make an effort to learn the names and get to know the instructor and other participants.   We notice when you aren’t there and will ask you about it!
  • Reward system. This is very effective for me. “If I do this, then I can do that.”
  • Use a fitness tracking app. If you are counting calories or practicing mindful eating, logging in a workout “lets” you eat that snack. There is no debating or struggling with any decisions because the decision is made for you via basic math.   Get your workout in so your eating options increase. I like MyFitnessPal.