Avenue 25 Lingo: Web Edition Part 1

Web Lingo
Jeff Sokol - Web DirectorWritten by: Jeff SokolWeb Director

We all have some jargon we use in our everyday work and personal lives. Here is a bit of what you might hear at Avenue 25 when talking to us about web work.

Domain [doh-meyn]
It's what you type into your browser to get to the site you want. Google.com, Facebook.com, Ave25.com - those are all domain names.

Hosting [hohs-ting]
This is where your website lives. It's likely a large computer in some underground bunker. Your domain points to it and your coded files are uploaded and poof, you magically have a website.

Splash Page [splash-peyj]
It can take some time to build your website. During this time we don't want your domain to be blank, so we will design a splash page. It has a splash of info. Maybe your phone number, basic services, and the name of your dog.

Wireframe [wahyuhr-freym]
Before we can add "sweet colors" and "cool pics" to your website we have to build a blueprint of what goes where. This is called the wireframe, it tells us where each piece of your website   fits in the puzzle.

Design [dih-zahyn]
This is the part most people know about. We finally get to see how your website looks with all the pretty colors and graphics and fonts and videos and oh my, how beautiful.

Development  [dih-vel-uhp-muhnt]
After the design we have to make the website work. The design is just an image, the development is what makes the website have links, forms, animation and other things.

Code [kohd]
The code is that weird language those computer geeks know. It's all like: <this><makes><no><sense></help!>

We have plenty more coming, stay tuned for part 2.