Top 5 Reasons We Love our Clients

Avenue 25 - We love our clients
Kelly Pile - Executive Vice President and Director of Operations Written by: Kelly PileExecutive Vice President and Director of Operations

5. They value what we do

Now don’t get me wrong….we have definitely had our fair share of uneducated types come through the door.   Fortunately, our 24-year history has taught us to identify the big red flags and stay far away from those who still think that a flyer can look professional by using Word and changing up a few font types and sizes. Not only do our clients value what we do, they trust us and are open to our guidance.

4. They respect our time

As the “Best of the Valley’s Best Boutique Advertising Agency,” we pride ourselves on functioning like an in-house agency for our clients. We treat our clients’ businesses as we would our own. There is a huge investment of time and energy to delve deep in the discovery process and we appreciate how focused and present our clients are.   Wasting time in meetings or not responding to our questions only results in frustration for all of us. We are fortunate our clients let us work efficiently to produce successful outcomes.

3. They know how to have fun

We know how lucky we are to work with some really incredible individuals.   Even better, we have been fortunate enough to spend time and get to know many of them at exciting happy hours, lunches and dinners, and fantastic fundraisers that benefit great organizations.

2. They bring us stuff

It sounds crazy since they are the client, but we have had our thoughtful clients surprise us with all kinds of booty. Specialty croissants, shooting range time, catered lunches, wine, cookies, chocolates, homemade tamales and so much more. It truly makes us feel special to know that the clients to whom we provide services are so generous toward us.

And the #1 reason why we at Avenue 25 love our clients is…

1. There is never a dull moment

Being a full-service agency providing advertising, marketing, branding, graphic and web design, our clients run the gamut. We have learned about all kinds of cool stuff and new ideas. Where else can you be brainstorming a name for a newly-patented product in the morning and be putting together awesome imagery for a helicopter manufacturer after lunch?   We love you all!