The Future is Now

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Carly Sapp - Marketing InternWritten by: Carly SappMarketing Intern

Generation Z has never lived without technology. There has been no point in our lives when the internet and cell phones didn’t exist. That being said, we have always had information ready and available whether it’s from the Iphone in our pocket, the desktop in our bedroom, our laptop on the coffee table, the TV in the living room… you get the picture.

There is no point in the day when we have to wait around to find something out, because if ever there was a question about who was the 17th POTUS we could easily search Google to find out that it was Andrew Johnson. Or if we ever found ourselves in the midst of a heated debate regarding the most profitable movie, instead of simply arguing with no resolution, we could easily find out that it was Avatar- with Titanic as a close second.

This information should be important to any business because shortly generation Z will become a powerhouse of consumers. Every business needs to have an active, responsive, well maintained website with customer reviews to support it.

Generation Z is tech savvy enough to not only research business, but they can easily compare the competition to one another before they make their purchasing decisions.


You don’t want to be left behind. Now is the time to begin pursuing a more commanding online presence. Your current website should be responsive and easy to use on mobile phones, because if someone from the Z generation has to wait to get to their desktop to research you because your website is impossible to manage on their phone, you’ve already missed your moment.

Your website should also have online reviews to support the claims that are made within the content. If your website talks about how your lawn mower cuts at twice the speed of the average lawn mower, your reviews should be raving about the speed of the cut. But if your online reviews are giving the cut speed no attention and instead are praising the usability of the lawn mower, it’s time to review your website content.

While you might have considered a website a few years ago and decided that you could wait a little, waiting is no longer an option. The future is happening now, and it’s in your best interest not to fall behind.

Generation Z won’t wait for information, so it’s time for you to rise to the occasion and provide the resources that they need. And if you’re looking for a poppin’ agency to assist you, I happen to know just the one.

Carly Sapp is a Marketing Intern at Avenue 25 Advertising, a Phoenix web design studio, advertising agency, graphic design studio and all around great team of business and creative professionals, as well as a proud member of Gen Z.