Trade Show. Oh, snap.

Trade show photo
Rob Tinsman - Vice President and Creative DirectorWritten by: Rob TinsmanVice President and Creative Director

Trade show season is here and you might need to work the booth for your organization. If you've already had the pleasure, you know the days are long and the pace is hurried. And when you get back to the office, you may find you are scrambling to catch up on work that has been piling up. Oh, and you then realize that nobody actually got any photos of the event — or even your own booth.

Fear not. With  these trade show marketing tips, soon you will be seen as the sales & marketing pro that you really are.

don't describe the show — show it

This is something that every (EVERY!) client just forgets to do. And they all wish they had photos after the show is over. Too late. Imagine sending out a couple sentences along with several photos to show how much work you actually did.

You likely had some good conversations, got leads and now need to follow up. Photos would be a great way to get back in front of those leads. Another idea is to use them in an email blast following up with your email list. And everyone needs fresh content for social media, advertising and marketing materials. Be the  hero who gives their web designer relevant content for the company blog. Google Search loves fresh content. I could go on, but you  get the idea.

you know you're going to get busy

As busy as the booth gets, try to step away and get some candid, busy shots of the booth and visitor interactions.

TIP 1: A selfie stick that is extended upward and shooting downward can get some good angles.

TIP 2: Set the alarm on your phone or watch for a few times during the day to help remind you.  

remember your brand message for the show

Why are you attending the show?  What is your flagship product or service?  You  may have a theme or brand message for the show. If you have people interacting with your booth, capture it. Are you known for your customer service? Get a photo of your team helping someone. That will help tell the "service" story later in photos.  

Nobody will ever say, “Why did you take so many photos?” Shoot, shoot, shoot. Don’t depend on a single person. The more the better. You have a great camera on your phone. Use it. Then ask for a raise.

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