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It's the key to every successful company.

Branding - It Makes You Memorable.

Your brand is your most valuable asset. Yet it’s still amazing how many people don’t know that their logo is NOT their brand. Your brand goes far, far beyond your logo. Your brand is the message and personality of your business, product or service and the promise it makes to your customers. When done right, it sets expectations in the mind of your consumer. Yes, your logo plays a role in your brand. But ultimately, your brand positions you in the mind of your customer, by differentiating you among your competitors. Your brand is what makes your product and business memorable.

Branding is your opportunity to make customers feel the way you want them to feel about your business.

So what do you think that’s worth?

Avenue 25 is an experienced and reputable branding, marketing and advertising agency located in the sunny city of Phoenix, Arizona. Our branding experts know how to develop the right identity for you that not only makes an impression, but one that truly resonates with your customers and places you where you need to be in the marketplace. Your unique personality and concise directives are developed through research, evaluation, strategy and creativity. This will guide your way to consistency throughout all your marketing efforts, setting you apart from your competition.

Our Branding Process

There’s a disciplined approach behind our successful branding projects that we’ve developed and honed throughout 25+ years of experience. Our process is constantly evolving as we make new discoveries and take advantage of changing methodologies and technology. Once hired, we work closely with you and your executive team, taking you through an in-depth series of discovery exercises. Together, we identify such important factors as market segments and individual customer types within these segments. We drill down into specific details about each customer, from the kind of car they drive to their daily routine, their specific needs, wants, likes, dislikes, stressors, triggers, social pressures, buying habits, etc. We’ll discover who your competitors are, what roles they fill in the marketplace, where you fit in, where missed opportunities lie, where and how you could and should be positioned, and so much more. Our process culminates with concisely written Brand Identity, Brand Positioning and Brand Strategy directives.

These essential steps provide an important foundation for the visual imagery and messaging of your brand to follow. This is a cohesive approach for all of your sales and marketing efforts to follow for consistency and effectiveness. The experience is always enlightening to our clients and they find the information revealed to be useful throughout the company, far beyond brand development.

Doing it right the first time is always a good idea. Let Avenue 25 help turn your brand into another success story.