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Branding is the key to every successful company.
Position yourself as the company you want to be.

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The Struggle is Real

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • I don't have the time to figure this out!
  • We've tried everything. Nothing works!
  • I feel like we're wasting marketing dollars!
  • Our social media presence has become nonexistent.
  • Our messaging is inconsistent and all over the place.
  • I'm not sure how to differentiate ourselves from our competitors.
  • I don't know how to beat my competition.
  • We're not able to charge what we should.
  • We're constantly battling on price!
Your Brand Is Your Most Valuable Asset

Your Most Valuable Business Asset

Your brand is the most valuable asset you own. Proper branding positions you as the authority in your market, attracts more of the right clients, creates customer loyalty and allows you to charge more while increasing sales volume.

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Creating a Strong Brand

No matter the industry, strong brands don't happen by accident. Branding services are both a science and an artform. It requires a wide range of research, analytics and proven marketing strategies coupled with creative thinking, artistic talent and design sensibilities. You need a branding agency with decades of experience working in a range of industries.

Whether you realize it or not, your branding is currently sending a message. Do you know what it is? Jeff Bezos said “Your brand is what people say about you when you're not in the room”. Do you know how people perceive you? Are you sure? If you don't control your message, you leave it open for others to define and the message they create will define you.

Branding is your opportunity to make customers feel the way you want them to feel about your business or product. It's what makes your product and business memorable, lovable, exciting, magical, etc. in the industry. Strong branding makes you immediately associate a green, muscular arm with an exciting, heroic and iconic pop culture brand. This same arm in any other color would not have evoked the same association or feelings.

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Your Logo is Not Your Brand

It's surprising how many people don't realize that their logo is NOT their brand. Branding goes far beyond the logo. A logo design might even change over time, but the branding itself should remain relatively unchanged. It's the identity, message, and attributes of the personality of your business, product or service and the promise it makes and delivers to the client.

Even without a logo, a white and green paper coffee cup is instantly associated with Starbucks. Moreover, the attributes they have carefully selected and intentionally earned are subconsciously identifiable by most of the world's population.

Although your logo is not your brand, it plays a significant role in your branding as an identifier. As with other aspects of your branding and marketing, the logo itself should be developed following the guidelines set forth in your Brand Positioning & Strategy directives.

Brand Position & Strategy Development

The stronger the plan, the stronger the brand.
This is the foundation of every successful product or organization.
This is where we excel.


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Our Branding Process Creates Clarity


There's a disciplined approach behind our successful branding services that we've developed and honed throughout our 30 years of experience here in Phoenix AZ. Our process is constantly evolving as our team makes new discoveries, learns from the findings and changing methodologies of others in the field, and takes advantage of the latest technologies.

Once hired, we work closely with you and your executive team, taking you through an in-depth series of discovery exercises. Together, we identify such important factors as market segments and individual customer types within these segments.

We drill down into specific details about each customer type, from the kind of car they might drive to their typical daily routine, their specific needs, wants, likes, dislikes, stressors, triggers, social pressures, buying habits, etc.

Our creative team goes far beyond what most other advertising agencies and digital marketing agencies in the industry provide when they offer branding services here in Phoenix, Arizona. But we don't consider ourselves to be like most other agencies. In fact, our services, strategy development, ideas, and talent more closely resemble that found at the big advertising agencies in L.A., New York or Chicago (just without the big price tag). We like being the kind of branding agency Phoenix AZ based companies in any industry can rely on for that world-class edge they need to compete on the local, national, and international stage.


Stop misspending money.
You've stalled out.
You're spinning your wheels with no clear direction.


Take some time to understand who you are, who you want to become, and the best way to get there.


Proceed with your new branding directives developed specifically to meet your goals — efficiently, effectively, and affordably.

Serendipity! Unexpected Benefits

The experience is always enlightening to our clients. They have found the information revealed to be useful throughout their organization far beyond brand development. It commonly results in such things as identifying new or missed areas of opportunity, organizational changes, product modifications, changes in offerings, expense reductions, revised sales strategies, employee communication standards, and much more.

Key Attributes of a Strong Brand


  • Situational Analysis
    How and where you fit into the market. Your experience, products, services, current brand awareness, marketplace position, etc.
  • Customer Profiles
    Highly detailed customer insights revealing their needs and your opportunities.
  • Brand Persona & Archetype
    Proven psychological model that helps define your brand and breathes life into it. A psychological shortcut for attracting customers.
  • Brand Promise
    The value or experience your customers can expect to receive in every interaction they have with your business. The more you can deliver on that promise, the stronger your integrity becomes in the minds of those customers and your employees.
  • Brand Voice
    The “verbal” part of your company's personality. The words you use, the tone your copywriting takes, the way you answer the phone, etc.
  • Visual Guidelines
    Detailed, written guidelines to follow when designing or developing your visual assets.
  • Next Steps
    Defined and prioritized list of marketing strategies, tactics, and projects that can immediately be implemented following the completion of your brand positioning and strategy.
  • Challenges & Goals
    Current problems, challenges, and recommended solutions.
  • Brand Positioning Statement
    The foundation upon which your brand is built. It articulates your company's or product's unique value to your customers in relation to your competition.
  • Brand Essence
    It's what you stand for – the essential value of your brand, or the ultimate role your company plays in the world.
  • Brand Personality
    The emotional and humanistic aspect associated with your business.
  • Brand Stylescapes
    Demonstrates how your brand will look and feel. It's a collection of your branding assets: color palette, typography, imagery, language tone, design elements, etc. Provides an overall visual direction for graphic design.
  • Brand/Graphics Standards Guidelines
    A graphic standards guide or brand style guide is an overview and rulebook for the graphic design assets of a business. Contents can include everything from email signatures to direct mail design, but at a minimum should talk about your logo and the reasons for it existing the way it does.

“We are a much more focused company.”

In the process, we received the added benefit of having to analyze long held beliefs about our core services and business partners which ended up being outdated. In doing so, we re-aligned our company goals and strongly feel we are a much more focused company. Thank you Avenue 25.