Monitoring & Analytics

Know how your efforts are performing and what can be done to maximize results.

Website Analytics and Monitoring

Website Analysis & Behavior Tracking

The most effective websites are those being constantly monitored and modified to both meet the expectations of the visitor and goals of the site. For this to happen, it is essential to know how visitors are engaging with the site. We can then identify what's working and what needs to be changed, moved, added or eliminated.

With the aid of various new technologies we are able to track and analyze the movements of your visitors providing essential data and insights necessary to identify the areas in need of improvement.

Visitor Verification and Lead Generation Softwares


Most organizations would like their website to provide leads to their marketing and sales teams. We offer various solutions for this.


Level 1 - Online Forms

The first and most basic level is a simple email to you with information when someone makes a request or completes your online form. This is best suited for small businesses with low to moderate website traffic.


Level 2 - Database Integration

The second level is automated integration with an email marketing platform or with an online sales database when someone "opts-in" or completes a form. This system is ideal for B2C (business to consumer) companies of all sizes and B2B (business to business) companies as well.


Level 3 - Phone Tracking

Think of this as a high-tech Caller ID that tells you which parts of your marketing program are generating the highest returns and which ones need refining. This system also tracks your other lead generating tools, including forms, chats and website transactions. It allows you to assign values to each call and/or conversion, providing essential data to make informed marketing decisions.


Level 4 - Comprehensive B2B Visitor Identification

See who those "anonymous" business visitors are that have perused your website. This fourth level is an advanced system developed for B2B organizations. Identifying the visitor's IP address, this program works with an enormous public information database. It can provide you with important information about the company a visitor is with, such as physical address and phone number of the organization, size and gross revenues and the names, and contact information of their officers, managers, and more. You can also see how they found you, what pages they visited, when, how often, etc. This information is most valuable when integrated with a structured sales and marketing program and works with systems such as Salesforce®.

"We can't stress enough, how important website data is to your bottom line."

We understand that website analytical data isn't exciting to many people. In fact, most clients don't understand the important role it plays in the success of their business. We can't stress enough how important website data is to your bottom line. Knowing where your clients are coming from, how they found you, and which sales messages lead to greater conversions and profits is invaluable.