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All Business Websites Aren't Created Equal

Anyone can design an inexpensive, nice looking site. But if you’re serious about your business, you need to be equally serious about your website’s performance. Your ROI, online marketing objectives, branding and web strategies are all essential factors in developing a strong online presence and high-performing site.

Website Strategy

There is a carefully planned marketing, sales and traffic strategy behind every design and feature of each website we develop. At the start of the design process, our innovative marketing team will work with the business owner and the rest of the team to identify all of the aspects related to a successful website: your goals, conversions, objectives, marketing and sales strategies, brand details, potential customer types and your competitors’ strategies.

Working backward from the goals of the site, our marketing team will design a system of funnels with essential touch-points leading back to the initial contact with the visitor. For example, encouraging a successful sales experience requires identifying important points that need to be made, then deciding when, where and how to effectively present those points during their visit. When done right, this process leads the visitor to complete the conversion (goal), be it an online purchase, a phone call, a request for information, etc. Typical websites don’t do this.

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A Leading Web Design Company

Our graphic design and web design teams are creative visionaries with expertise in User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) best practices. This is the difference between a positive, engaging user experience and a frustrating one (the last thing you want to do is frustrate your customer). We are also experts in the latest principles of branding and know what it takes to maintain your brand’s consistency and integrity throughout the site. We use these abilities, exceptional web design talents and user-engagement tactics in each web design project to create a site that not only speaks to who you are as a business, but that truly resonates with your target audience.

Template Website VS Custom Web Design

Phoenix Website Designers

More often than not, your website is the first impression of your brand. Like the perfect salesperson, it is the single place your customers know they can always find you, at any time, every day of the week. And they will use your site to compare your business and products to your competitors. Even if your typical customer doesn’t originate from the internet, any new business relationship is going to evaluate you based on your site. It’s the first place they go to learn more about you.

Knowing this, it’s easy to see why your website is not the place to pinch pennies. Doing so will cost you more in lost revenue and has the potential to damage your brand. A high-quality website will always be a sound investment.

Custom website design has higher costs because so much goes into it, but businesses get a lot more out of it over the long term. Custom-made websites look better, do more, and are created to accomplish specific business goals. A template simply requires that you add your content and photos to placeholder areas. There is no strategy. So, templates are inexpensive, but at what cost?

Template-based websites simply do not afford you the level of content personalization necessary to design a site that is a reflection of your brand’s unique personality, identity, and positioning. As we mentioned earlier, your site is the most comprehensive representation of your brand. It’s the central point from which your brand story emerges. A template imposes too many restrictions on your ability to differentiate your brand and powerfully convey your value propositions.

Phoenix Web Design Services

Web Designer VS Web Developer

To the general public, web designers and web developers do the same thing – they are the people who build websites. However, in reality, they are responsible for very different aspects of a site’s creation.

The web designer chooses the aesthetic direction of the site and specifies the placement of things such as photos, logos, content, and colors. They know how to code the user-facing portion of the site, otherwise known as the “front-end”.

The web developer utilizes their programming expertise and is responsible for the development and management of the back-end of a website, most of which is never seen by the user. The development process includes things such as core application logic, databases, data and application integration, APIs and more.

If a website were a vehicle, a web designer would create what the car looks like, where the cupholders are placed and how pleasing it is to their ideal customer. These are the aesthetics of the car. The developer would create the engine, powertrain and everything else that makes it go, aka, the functionality.

Professional Web Design Services

We Can Make Your Website Fly

Unlike most web design firms, we have an in-house development team, right here in Phoenix AZ, that can make your website do just about anything. If your site requires development of special functionality, content, or integration with third-party platforms, such as your inventory system, etc. we can do that. In fact, our full-stack capabilities mean not only is our Phoenix web and advertising agency able to create just about anything you need your website to do, but we can also help your site be found on Google and maximize your online presence with our search engine optimization services, direct your advertising campaigns, provide graphic design services, and more.

“We didn't want a "We-hired-the-cheapest-company" site like our competitors did."

We interviewed three marketing and web firms in the Phoenix metro area that had a reputation of being the best at what they do.

We chose Avenue 25 because of the expertise they brought to the table, their longstanding presence in the valley, and glowing recommendations from their current and past clients on similar projects.