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Chandler Public Library

Custom Website

A public library website designed by Avenue 25, is easily maintained by library staff.

Like many government entities, Chandler Public Library needed a new library website design that was organized, efficient and user-friendly. chandler library website BEFORE redesignTheir site had long since become difficult to use, for both patrons and staff. If ever there was a need for a complete overhaul, this was it.

The biggest accomplishment wasn't so much having an easy-to-use, robust site, but that the library staff is able to easily maintain and manage it. New graphics, additional pages, updated reading lists, etc. are all done without the need for additional support from the web designers and developers at Avenue 25. Of course, we advise when needed, and have added additional features as requested. Overall, this is a great example of a high-functioning website that isn't tied to a big maintenance contract. No contract at all!