Avenue 25 - Advertising and Design

Jeff Sokol

Web Director

jeff sokol, web directorThe Avenue 25 resident comedian, Jeff is our gifted, bottomless pit of technological web designer and web developer information, ideas and know-how. He also has a knack for explaining it all in every-day language that clients can understand and the rest of us fully appreciate. Able to develop complex e-commerce sites and leap tall servers in a single bound, Jeff is also a clean-coding perfectionist. His approach to simple, elegant coding and adhering to W3C standards mean his websites load faster and search engines love them. Faster, higher-ranking websites is the result.

Jeff’s well-rounded, expert abilities extend deep into other areas as well, such as search engine optimization, website analytics, graphic design, woodworking, jiu-jitsu and all things football related. We found Jeff at a large web design and SEO firm where he wasn’t being encouraged to flex his broad range of abilities, creative ideas and customer relations skills. For this, we are grateful.