Avenue 25 - Advertising and Design

Rob Tinsman

Vice President and Creative Director

rob tinsman vice president and creative directorRob is recognized as one of the top graphic designers in Arizona and never ceases to amaze our clients. Not only does he have a gifted eye for designing truly spectacular visuals, but he also has the unique ability and tenacity for branding new identities for businesses and products both new and old. His attention to detail and results-driven creative focus has resulted in thousands of successful projects and very happy customers. You can see some of his graphic design and branding work on product packaging found on store shelves throughout the world from Walmart to Petsmart and in numerous foreign languages.

Back in 2005, we pulled Rob from the graphic design department of a large equipment manufacturer in Illinois where he created most of their eye-catching ads and graphics. Rob graduated with a B.A. in Visual Communications from Southern Illinois University. He is a 20-year army veteran where he served as a cook and can give you all kinds of tips if you ever need to prepare a meal for hundreds of hungry guys in the middle of the desert. He and his wife enjoy running and working out together, exploring Arizona restaurants and trips to Mexico.