Inside The Project

Ware Pet Products

Pet Products Manufacturer

Inside The Project

The Challenge

Since 1993 Ware Manufacturing Inc. produced and sold their products through distributors to independent pet stores under the Ware brand. They also provided private label branding to large retailers such as PetSmart™ and Petco™.

Ware was well-known in the industry but their name and branding lacked focus and personality and they were quickly losing market share.


Old logo

The Solution


  • Brand Positioning & Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Name Development - Ware Pet Products™
  • Tagline Development
  • Business Collateral
  • Packaging
  • Trade Show Exhibit
  • Custom Iconography
  • Signage
  • Personnel Photography
  • Supplemental Logo Design - Ware Cares™

The Result

The distributors of Ware products were excited about the refreshed brand. They viewed it as a long-term commitment to them and to their customers (the stores).

This renewed confidence and fresh look helped lead to an increase in orders and revenue.

Even private label customers - to whom the new look wasn't directly applicable - viewed them more favorably.

Brand Overview Video

The New Ware in 60 Seconds


Behind the scenes of the project.

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The perfect balance of simple, playful and impactful.


A fun visit.
A complex integration.

Ware had a unique challenge. We needed to display their products on their website, but needed to pull that information from an older, proprietary accounting and inventory system — it had no modern integration capabilities.

So, we had to start over from scratch, right? Nope.

We built a custom API.

With access to the antiquated server, we created scripts to pull the actual data we needed on demand. Once these scripts were up and running we encrypted them with custom passkeys and Server-to-Server IP recognition. The rest was easy — cron-jobs, database queries, string cleansing, data manipulation. You know, the easy stuff.

Our full-stack capabilities make problem solving easy. No API or integration? No sweat. We’ll write our own.


Developed to play nicely.

The standard breakpoints work for today’s devices, but what about tomorrow’s? Creating a fully-responsive experience means starting with fluid coding and custom crafting breakpoints as dictated by the contents.
Not the other way around.


Tricks of the trade show.

Few places compete more for attention than trade shows.
It’s the perfect place to express your new identity in an exciting way.

Personnel from a top pet food brand exhibiting next to us were very impressed.

They said they just spent millions on a brand and booth redesign and they liked our booth much better.

– John G.(Ware Pet Products)

User Experience

Branding and User Experience are like best friends.

From big desktop computers to small phones, we carefully designed the site to be easy to use while always respecting the look and feel of the brand.


More than just a playful hello.

For a brand to tell a consistent story, the brand voice and visual style must be applied to all forms of communication.

Serious business materials don't need to be dull. We were sure to interject the playful brand personality wherever possible.