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Ware Pet Products

Branding | Business Cards | Business Stationery | Copywriting | Custom Website | Logo Design | Packaging Graphics | Photo Manipulation | Photography | Point Of Purchase Display | Responsive Design | Trade Show Display | User Experience Design

ware website mobile viewWare Pet Products is a dynamic, made-to-order, pet specialty products manufacturer and importer. They sell products through distributors to independent pet stores under the Ware brand. They also provide private label branding to large retailers such as PetSmart and Petco.

Ware is well-known in the industry but their branding lacked personality. We developed a brand strategy that focused on people having fun with their pets, including creating the tagline, "Ware Pets Play". Further marketing efforts included trade show display design. 

"I can't offer enough thanks to Ave 25 for the transformation of our brand. We're looking forward to continuing the change and making it a true top-of-mind brand again."
John Gerstenberger | Product Development/Sourcing

quick test: could you describe your brand voice?

What is your brand personality? How about your brand essence or promise? Ask questions like these at most businesses and you're likely to get blank stares. That's usually because those questions just haven't been considered. As part of the Brand Positioning & Strategy, we worked closely with the Ware stakeholders to understand brand attributes, priorities and more. One outcome was that we identified key personality traits for the Ware brand and took care to impart them in copywriting, photography and other ways of communicating the brand. FUN, for example, is one of 5 brand personality traits. 

We love our pets. We know animals can get bored, like the rest of us. Therefore we believe it is essential to provide exciting, new ways for our pets to explore and have fun every single day. Packaging design just looks fun on every panel—and then some (note the cute hamster on the Hay Roller packaging design flap. The flap gets tucked in and isn't typically visible, but would be a delightful surprise to anyone who encounters it.)

we must know precisely who we're designing for

Design is but one aspect of a website. By carefully evaluating the unique Ware website users, we created a site structure we knew would meet the specific needs of their important audiences – end users, retailers, and wholesale partners. Then our creative team of graphic designers went to work, designing with this intelligence leading the way.

Back End Development - Time to Shine

ware brand flag

Working with older legacy business systems can pose unforeseen challenges for even the best web developers. Trying to combine them with the latest website technology and it gets complex quickly. The Ware website needed to serve up product pages and information that resided on a proprietary purchasing database, not a standard web server. Further, for security reasons, this information wasn't online at all. This required custom configuration and scriptwriting to port ever-relevant data to the website at any given time. Our development team didn't miss a step. We met with the Ware systems administrators to understand their side and worked out a plan that minimized the impact on their system.

Upon launch, there wasn't a single glitch.

Ware came to us for a website update. They received that, plus, now they have a top tier brand in their industry.

branding needs included:

  • Brand Positioning & Strategy
  • Logo Design Package - Ware Pet Products
  • Marketing Tagline Development
  • Business Collateral
  • Package Design
  • Trade Show Design
  • Custom Iconography
  • Signage
  • Personnel Photography
  • Supplemental Logo Design - Ware Cares™

Live site: warepet.com