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We recently got to roll up our sleeves and creatively tell a wonderful branding story. It starts with an honest company, ambitious owner, unique product, committed workforce, nostalgic flavor. It doesn't get much better than that.

Bryce Fastener, Inc. designs and manufactures custom bolts, custom nuts, and custom designed screws for security applications. Bryce specialty fasteners help customers with unique and demanding applications in industries such as electronics, solar, retail, financial, construction, military, government, utilities, corrections, financial, and more. But don't think you can pick them up in stores. That's the entire reason Bryce Fastener exists. You can read here why Bryce security screws provide an entirely new level of security far above any security screw you know of.


what they make isn't what you think.

Bryce Campbell standing at Bryce Fastener shop

Bryce Campbell, founder of Bryce Fastener, in Gilbert, Arizona, came to Avenue 25 asking for help with this very problem. People were misunderstanding what his products were. We needed to help viewers see that the Bryce products were unique from typical tamper resistant screws. The Key-Rex® for example – unlike fasteners found in hardware stores, the Key-Rex specialty screws and bolts cannot be removed unless you have the matching driver bit. In that sense the matched screw and driver bit act like a lock and key. Not only that, but the client who contracts with Bryce gets the only drives for their specific screws. Every client gets their own matched sets. Add more features like incredible torquing capability, and these screws can be tightened so tightly that they simply aren't a match for thieves or vandals anywhere. That's real security. 

the product is better.

the craftsmen are the reasons why. 

bryce american craftsmen crop

In fact, Bryce has surpassed all competitors with their unique approach – 100% designed, engineered, patented and manufactured in Arizona. Avenue 25 helped Bryce explain to the market how their products perform better and thus saves money on theft, replacement, liability, wasted time, etc. An added challenge was balancing product branding with company branding — the products themselves risked overpowering the company brand. That would have been a big miss since this is a company that was ready to shine. Bryce Fastener has everything that makes great companies great – ingenuity, creativity, hard work, and good old-fashioned, American craftsmanship. In an era where more companies are moving manufacturing offshore, Bryce is doubling down right here in the U.S. 

Custom photo shoot.

bryce postersWe wanted to show the faces of the men who make Bryce Fastener great. We photographed each of the technicians and composited them together into the perfect ensemble – a sort of nuts and bolts brotherhood. Stock photography is rarely a great idea when it comes to websites and wasn't ever an option for this client. The result was so well received that the guys clamored for a poster for themselves. We obliged and Bryce presented the posters to the team just as we launched the new site.

This commitment is paying off. Bryce is confident that he has few competitors. Take a look around the shop and all you see is big, heavy, hulking, WWII-era machinery. According to Bryce, "You can get these machines any more. Anywhere. They don't exist. Take our patents and plans somewhere else – even a state of the art factory and you simply couldn't make the same products." And that's exactly how the guys at Bryce like it. There is a level of pride and innovation that combine to keep making products better. It's been that way for decades and they're only gaining momentum. Toolbox for success? Indeed. 

See their site at BryceFastener.com