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Elevate Your Passion

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America loves its beer and has fallen head over heels with craft brewing. The revival of craft brewing has grown exponentially in just the last few decades and is now a lucrative, yet niche, market. It’s a competitive business and for one man in particular, it’s a passionate pursuit.

When craft beer enthusiast and founder of Elevate Your Passion, Mike LaForest, contacted Avenue 25, he had a logo and a direction that wanted the rest of his brand materials to follow. He explained, “Elevate Your Passion (EYP) is intended to be a multi-faceted brand focusing on the adventure athlete and outdoor enthusiast."

We intend to combine the worlds of craft beer, apparel, and media in a very unique way

"Our target audience wants quality and typically choose a beer based on an emotional connection they experience with the beer or brewery. Most of the time their choice is influenced by geography, but it’s always stimulated by passion and emotion. Many consumers of quality craft beers are also passionate about their outdoor pursuits. They aren’t your stereotypical beer drinker. They are ambitious and like to reward their efforts! Our company name and specifically branded beer(s) are intended to connect to those those traits. Our beer will be fantastic but the emotional connection is what will differentiate us."

The EYP product is Passion. Our conduit is beer, gear, apparel, and media.

Before - The old logo they hadWhen reviewing the existing logo (see the “before” image) our initial reaction was that it not only needed help aesthetically, but also that it wasn’t speaking to the people the brand should appeal to. It didn’t convey passion or positivity or nature or outdoors. It didn’t resemble his target audience and it lacked the sophistication he described them as having. The logo he already had was too hard, too sharp, too tough, too… death metal, too energy drink, too extreme sports. It was missing the organic characteristics found in nature. We suggested that he consider this before developing and designing all of the marketing materials he will need as it could be a hindrance to the goal he aims to achieve. We proposed that he contract Avenue 25 to design an entirely new logo. Although he was reluctant at first, Mike chose to proceed with our proposal.

The Challenge

Design a brand identity that can successfully perform in three different niche markets. This is something that has never quite been done before. It’s one thing to design a logo that works well for a craft beer, but quite another thing for that logo to make sense as an apparel brand and media company, so we first had to do our research. We began by researching brands that already have a successful footing in at least one or more of these three niche markets with the same or similar target audience. We discovered ways Mike’s brand could fit into these markets, while also standing out.

Elevate Your Passion - Logo - Design Process - SketchesWe understood that in order for the new logo to establish relevance for his brand with his target audience, it would need to speak to their passionate thirst for adventure, to their climb to reach the top of the mountain, to their love of competition and the joy they feel by their achievements. We likened it to the way people all over the world celebrate achievements of all sizes. From a kid’s game of “King of the Mountain”, to Olympic champions, all the way to the moon and the first astronaut to step foot on it; planting a flag is a universal symbol of achievement.

Elevate Your Passion - Logo - Design Process - Drawing Vector PathsThe brand is called Elevate Your Passion, hence the climb to the top. The passion is represented by the flag atop the mountain. However, it’s not just about reaching the top, it’s about the journey, it’s about pushing one’s self to strive harder and further. If you notice, we positioned the flag just below the top, to provoke a subconscious emotional call-to-action to get out there, reach the top and plant that flag!

Elevate Your Passion - Logo - Design Process - Logomark and Typography Variations