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Popo's Mexican Food

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Chips and salsa. If you've been to Popo's, that's about all you need to say before your mouth starts watering. Add in some great specials, like $.99 margaritas and all-you-can-eat tacos, and it's no wonder Popo's has had a loyal following. Popo's Fiesta del Sol (or simply Popo's) has been a cherished local Mexican restaurant for 50 years! Now with two locations, they needed an updated website badly. 

Avenue 25 took the challenge and designed a website that helps capture that cozy cantina vibe that Popo's is known for. The specials that keep customers coming back so regularly are featured prominently. We're also hosts of their Facebook page, which isn't difficult when a photo of mini chocolate chimichangas can garner hundreds of likes! We're getting hungry already.