Web Lingo 2

Avenue 25 Lingo: Web Edition Part 2

We know you enjoyed Avenue 25 Lingo: Web Edition Part 1, and figured it was time for part 2. Without further ado: HTML [eych-tee-em-el]HyperText Markup Language - it's half of the front end coding. The half that provides basic structure to…

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What's in a [brand] name?

We develop names for businesses and products all the time and there are a lot of factors and strategies that come into play. But I can tell you that when it comes to naming, simple is better. Especially if you’re a startup. You want your brand…

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Mobilegeddon is Coming.

Mobilegeddon! Google warns all sites must be mobile-friendly by April 21st In its infinite wisdom, Google has now decided that if your website is not designed/coded to be “mobile-friendly” (aka “responsive”) then it will not be listed highly…

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SEO for YouTube Videos

seo tips for your youtube videos part 2

Hi again! As promised we’re back to discuss the actual Content Optimization and go into specifics of your videos title, description, tags and more. Content Optimization Elements you’ll be creating: The Video Title The Video Description A…

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SEO YouTube Tips

SEO Tips for your YouTube videos Part 1

Did you know that your YouTube video can be a powerful online marketing tool? Not only can it be informative and helpful to your clients and customers, but when optimized properly, that video could appear on page one of Google, just like your…

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kidnapped website

Websites Get Kidnapped Every Day

Yes, taken and held hostage or simply disappear. Websites get designed, built and launched for businesses and everything is great. Until it isn't. Imagine this: you decide to hire a firm to develop a new website for your business. You do some…

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Avenue 25 Lingo: Graphic Design Edition

Graphic design lingo can often be confusing to those outside of the industry. And it’s likely that at some point or another, you’ll find yourself in need of some graphic design services. Here’s a list of some commonly used terms you might come…

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Alicia Kea - Internet Marketing

Hi, I'm Alicia

I'm Alicia - your Online Marketing Manager at Avenue 25. I'm the resident #GeekGirl with a deep love of SEO, online marketing, social media and design. Transplanted but not entirely removed from my L.A. roots, completely enamored with my previous…

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Avenue 25 - We love our clients

Top 5 Reasons We Love our Clients

5. They value what we do Now don’t get me wrong….we have definitely had our fair share of uneducated types come through the door.   Fortunately, our 24-year history has taught us to identify the big red flags and stay far away from those who…

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