Avenue 25 - We love our clients

Top 5 Reasons We Love our Clients

5. They value what we do Now don’t get me wrong….we have definitely had our fair share of uneducated types come through the door.   Fortunately, our 24-year history has taught us to identify the big red flags and stay far away from those who…

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Web Lingo

Avenue 25 Lingo: Web Edition Part 1

We all have some jargon we use in our everyday work and personal lives. Here is a bit of what you might hear at Avenue 25 when talking to us about web work. Domain [doh-meyn]It's what you type into your browser to get to the site you want.…

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Life Hacks

Avenue 25’s Favorite Life Hacks, Part 5

We know you love the life hacks!   These our tried and true, tips and tricks to make all of our crazy worlds a little more simple to navigate. Our Senior Art Director, Rob Tinsman, shares with us his recent success with a recipe for one tough…

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Sales 101 – Be Honest!

Sales 101 — Be Honest!

I started cold calling as a media rep for the NBC affiliated station in Monterey 14 years ago. My job was to convince advertisers to spend their advertising dollars with our station. I had no experience in media sales, business consulting, advertising…

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Our Biggest Web Design Secret

Our biggest secret for designing an effective website

You don’t have to be totally unique. In fact, standing apart for the sake of being different can really hurt your site’s effectiveness if that’s all you’re focused on. It’s true that you need to stand out and look different from the rest. The…

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Top 10 Superbowl Commercials

Commercials are not for bathroom breaks

3 minutes remaining in the half, Seahawks ball at midfield. 3rd and 1. Shotgun, trips right. Jermaine Kearse in the slot, Russell Wilson calls for the snap. It's high. Wilson scoops it off the ground. Breaks a tackle, rolling left. Wilson fires…

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Social Media: Do you really need it?

I’ve always maintained that the only thing worse than not having a Facebook page is having a dusty one. After all, what’s the point in setting up all your social media networks if you don’t have the time and resources to invest in them? As we…

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Life Hacks PT 4

Avenue 25’s Favorite Life Hacks, Part 4

It may not be springtime yet, but the start of the new year is a great time to focus on cleaning!   No, it is not an exciting topic for most but I know we all feel better when things are, well, just not so dirty anymore.   This clean-themed…

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pickle drop

Time Balls and Other Things (Pickles and Tacos!) that will Drop Tonight

Ah, New Year’s Eve. The closing out of another chapter. Out with the old, in with the new. A time to reflect as well as project… feel free to insert your own nostalgic/hopeful thoughts here.   Whether we are still December-holiday partying…

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